The goal of the Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is to educate citizens about the structure and activities of their Police Departments, First Responders and Justice System in Davis County, Utah.   As a result, the community members and law enforcement can develop a relationship of understanding and trust with each other and enable the success of the community as partners who work together for a common goal of safety and security for all.

The CPA is a series of both classroom and exciting hands on classes designed to give residents a behind the scenes look at what really happens in the community they live in and are taught by the experts who do the job every day. We operate on the premise that informed and educated citizens will be more productive in their own communities. Additionally, the program highlights the importance of a citizen’s participation in public safety, helping our communities remain free from the fear of crime.

This 16 week course meets once a week, in the evening, for a three hour class.  Although it sounds like a large time commitment, by the end of the class the students are always disappointed to see it come to an end.