Promoting Community Awareness Through Citizen Participation

“Bridging the gap between the Public and Police”


  • August 3rd– WXPD- Introductions & Chief’s Messages, Who are these people and what did I sign up for?-Amber Bowman, A day in the life of an Officer-Lt. Adam Osoro, Tech Savvy Technology-Sgt. Geoff Hasty
  • August 10th– Centerville-ID Theft/Fraud/DRE
  • August 17th– Bountiful-Traffic Stops/Felony Stops
  • August 24th– Troy Rawlings “Why did the Damn DA do that?”
  • August 31st– Craig Webb-Forced to use Force
  • September 7th– West Bountiful-Community Relations-Breaking Stereotypes
  • September 14th– Clearfield-Zero Fatalities/DUI
  • September 21st-South Davis Metro Fire
  • September 28th-Dispatch/Jail Tour–Sheriff’s Office
  • October 5th– CJC-Children’s Justice Center (CJC), Sex Crimes (Syracuse presents)
  • October 12th-Farmington-Defensive Tactics/Handcuffing 101/Taser/OC
  • October 19th– Layton-CSI-Crime Scene Investigation/Crime Lab
  • October 26th– North Salt Lake-Gangs/Homicide
  • November 2nd– Clinton PD-Active Shooter/Scenario
  • November 9th-SWAT night-Bountiful
  • November 16th-Graduation Night! Kaysville Police Department

    *Kaysville-EVO on a Saturday, yet to be determined



The goal of the Citizen Police Academy (CPA) is to educate Davis County citizens about the structure and activities of the police department. The CPA is a series of classes designed to give residents a behind-the-scenes look at their local law enforcement. The CPA program operates on the premise that informed and educated citizens will be more supportive of police officers and the department, which in turn makes them more productive within their own communities.

What is it?

The CPA provides an avenue for community involvement through a first-hand experience of policing. It consists of a series of 13 classes, held once a week for three hours. The instruction is comprehensive, covering a different area of the Sheriffs Office and Davis County police Departments each week. Due to high demand, CPA classes are offered twice yearly with classes starting in March and in August. Class size is limited to 35 people. Admission to CPA is open to anyone 18 years or older. All applicants are required to pass a thorough background check.

Citizen Police Academy Classes

The 13-week CPA course meets one night each week for three hours. Field trips include the firearms range & Adult Detention Center (County Jail).

Topics covered in the CPA class include:

  • Overview of the organization and structure
  • Introductions to the various divisions and their responsibilities (such as Narcotics, Traffic, Crime Scene, Crime Prevention, Investigations, K-9, SWAT, Firearms, Gangs, and Homicide)
  • K-9 Unit
  • Defensive Tactics
  • “Sim-gun Scenarios” complete with bandits.
  • Firearms Safety, Instruction & Shooting Practice
Instructors are drawn from the police academy staff, from police officers currently assigned to specific enforcement divisions, and also from Davis County agencies. CPA class members are given an opportunity to observe police patrol work through a three-hour ride-along experience with a patrol officer. On the last day of class, members participate in a graduation ceremony and receive a certificate of completion. Following graduation the citizens are eligible to join the Volunteers in Police Service program (VIPS).
The Citizen Police Academy is a program of citizens and law enforcement officers working together to make Davis County a better and safer place to live and work.