Introduced to educate citizens about the structure and activities of local law enforcement, the Citizen Police Academy is an exciting opportunity to gather information while providing a behind the scenes look at various functions of the Police and Fire Departments of Davis County.

The premise of our program is to educate citizens so that they can better understand local law enforcement and how it functions. Additionally, those completing the program have the potential of becoming more productive within their own neighborhoods and communities.

During the course you will experience: classroom presentations, lectures, hands on experiences and on-site tours that offer participants valuable insight into the operations of the Public Safety departments of Davis County. These experiences along with true established relationships with law enforcement further improve the quality of life throughout the county, whether residential or business.

The Citizen Police Academy is designed to build a bond of mutual trust and respect between the police departments and the citizens of the county. Additionally the academy highlights the importance of citizen participation in public safety, helping our community remain free from the fear of crime.